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Personal Funds Management



What is Personal Funds Management?


Personal Funds Management encompasses a wide range of daily personal financial activities to help individuals and families. These may include:


  • Bill paying

  • Checkbook balancing

  • Tracking income and expenses

  • Filing

  • Organizing

  • Budgeting

  • Submitting and tracking medical insurance claims


Other personal funds management services include:


  • Review of monthly investment statements and insurance policies

  • Assisting executors/administrators of estates

  • Individual tax return document compilation and organization

  • Household inventory


Who would benefit from these services?

Older adults, as well as busy professionals, are likely to engage the services of a personal funds manager. These services can help older adults maintain independence while providing their adult children with peace of mind, knowing their parents’ needs are being met.


Many individuals and families have busy lives that leave little time for leisure pursuits. These services can give them more time for themselves by taking care of a variety of personal business and paperwork tasks.

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